About us

Farbe Design offers a unique range of individually sculpted jewellery items.

With an emphasis on creative experimentation, small object making and colour manipulation, our range is dynamic and ever evolving.

We adopt a painterly approach to colour and enjoy creating individual pieces of wearable art.
We thrive on innovation and in 2022 we finally discovered a product which reflected our commitment to sustainable practices, and now work with a BPA free bio-resin manufactured in Australia. We combine it with metals such as brass and silver in our ranges of handcrafted jewellery including earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

We feel fortunate to work in a creative partnership that brings us both joy.
One of the core values of our creative practice is being emergent; we both delight in following inspiration and innovation in the moment, much more so than repetition in design. Many of our pieces are one off originals.
Our collaboration pushes us both forward, that's the most exciting thing about working together, it challenges and inspires new perspectives, new ideas and techniques.

We both live in Warrandyte, in the North East of Melbourne, it’s a place of natural beauty, the Birrarung/ Yarra river winds through the landscape of dense bushland, it’s a great place to feel connected to nature, which inspires a lot of our work. We both have our own studios at our homes and enjoy the freedom of working collaboratively and also independently.

Our ‘business meetings’ involve cups of tea, lots of laughter and trying to find the discipline to work on the ‘business’, we spend hours lost in discussions about colour and form, and inspirations for new work, which is not always great for productivity!